Friday, February 1, 2008

Another take on agencies

I had lunch last week with another senior woman at a different PR agency. She's been with them for more than a decade, and is even in charge of recruitment for the agency now. This lunch wasn't quite as flattering as the last one. She didn't think there was a place at a PR agency for someone over 40, and was steering me more towards a corporate job.

I asked her what was my best bet to sustain a career into my latter decades, and she went right for the full-time, corporate gig. Basically, take a full-time job, work it for a couple years, then either convince the employer to relax my hours for more work-life balance, or take what I learned on the job, contacts and all, and go back to freelancing.

Not what I really wanted to hear, but it's certainly an opinion I've expected.

On a brighter note, however, she did say that my career to date isn't really missing anything I'd need to get that kind of job. She gave me a real pep talk about finding the right fit if I do take a job.

I do realize a full-time job is in my near future, but I'd like to put it off for a while if I can. My youngest kid starts kindergarten next year, and I'd really like to freelance for a few more years to have more time for the kids if I can.

But when do you become "too old" to be hired for a job like that? Do I have more opportunities at 40 than I would at 44 or 48?

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