Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Triathlon update

I thought since I've started talking about my triathlon training that I'd keep posting periodic updates.

I found a great website, Beginner Triathlete, and my personal trainer has helped me put together a plan based on the site. Turns out I was training a bit too hard some days, then not hard enough others. I'm using the site's plan as a model and working with it as much as possible.

The weather has gotten better here so I've finally gotten outside on my bike. Of course, the only time I could bike on the weekend was when I had to take care of my five year old, so the bike ride involved pulling about 60 pounds behind me (well, really he was on a third-wheel attached to my bike, but since he didn't add much power, it was like pulling him). And even though I picked a flat route, it was hard. I'm really beginning to think the biking part of the tri might be the toughest part.

But undeterred, I even got out for a run Monday night with my run clinic. it's good to have people to push me along.

26 days till 40!

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Anonymous said...

enjoy this time, you will never be 39 again, and you will never get these days again.