Friday, February 22, 2008

A celebration trip

My husband, not one for surprises, surprised me last month when he announced that he'd arranged for his parents to come to town to stay with our kids for four nights so we could go away as a celebration trip for my big 4-0. He didn't plan the trip or anything, but that in and of itself was a very lovely gesture (are you listening, men?!). Since my actual birthday (March 18 in case you were wondering) falls during a school holiday, which raises the prices and the anxiety of my kids if they were left on that week, we're going two weeks before the big day.

Anyhow, we're off next week for a four night getaway to Sedona, Arizona.

It will be the longest we've ever gone away for without the kids, and while I'm nervous about my in-laws surviving the boys, I'm excited about the trip. Any advice from anyone who's been to Sedona of what to see or do?

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