Monday, February 11, 2008

Doing a trialathon

One of the work-life blogs I've been following ran a post last week titled "Go do a triathlon, yes you!"

Ironically, I'm already training for one. Not that this is really about my work dilemma, but it is related to my turning 40.

Many years ago I promised myself that the year I turn 40 I would do a triathlon. This is a big thing for me, because I'm not very athletic, I carry around extra weight and my commitment to exersize has been spotty in the last five years.

But a promise is a promise, and that year is here, so I'm going for it. I've got a trainer who I see every few weeks for a check-in, and I'm starting to gear up. My goal is just to finish a 'tri', not to get a great finishing time, and I'm looking to do one of the shorter ones, a "sprint" distance so I can compete with all the other middle-aged ladies instead of the Olympic athletes.

And now that I've admitted it here in writing, there's no backing out. I guess I'd better get out for a run tonight, rain or no rain! What crazy commitments did you make with a milestone birthday?

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