Thursday, February 7, 2008

Selling yourself

When I started out on this quest for new career goals, it probably had a lot to do with my current work situation. As a freelancer, we get used to work coming and going, ebbing and flowing, raining and drought -- okay, enough metaphors, you get my point. Well I had a few really great years, lots of ebbing and little flowing.

But those years are not now. Right now I'm feeling insecure about my ability to keep generating freelance work. It's not that I have no work, but after doing really well for so long, it's disheartening to not be raking in the dough or the projects.

I know I should just be out there selling myself, but that I think is the problem. I love doing the work I do, and I really enjoy the work-life balance I've had by being self-employed. But I have always hated knocking on doors (figuratively speaking). I'm great at giving proposals and winning business when someone asks me to bid, but not so great at cold calling.

I wonder if I wasn't having this current work crisis if I'd be in such a rush to redefine my work goals. I guess it's a blessing to happen to me now so I can rethink things now, rather than later when I might be even more entrenched and unwilling to make a change. The only thing I've decided for sure so far is that I don't want to be trolling for work like this for 25 more years. There must be a better way...

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