Thursday, January 17, 2008

Finding your passion Part 2

A 50-something friend and I recently had drinks and talked about this professional dilemma of mine. She has had a varied career in marketing, and has had some serious highs and lows in both her career and personal life. She worked a lot in high tech -- 'nuff said.

For the past year she's had a job she enjoys but that bores her, but she's okay with that right now because she found her passion outside of work. She's in love with a new sport, and enjoys it so much it's become the focus of most of her free time, her travel and her play time. Her partner enjoys the sport too, so she has someone to enjoy it with. And she's begun blogging about it, which has offered her a creative outlet, mildly related to her profession (marketing/writing). And she's really happy.

This brings me kinda back to the boiled frog post -- do you really have to enjoy work that much, or is it okay to just put in time at your job and have your 'passion' outside of work?

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