Saturday, January 19, 2008

Entrepreneurship instead of retirement

I found this interesting article in BC Business this weekend talking about a couple baby boomers who chose entrepreneurship over actual retirement. I thought it was an interesting take on what the last decade -- or maybe the 60s are not the last -- of work can become. I don't know if it really applies to me, since I've been an entrepreneur most of my career to date, and haven't had a secure job like they have, but it's an interesting read nonetheless, if only for the intro, which says in part about baby boomers:

For many, what used to be called “retirement” is an opportunity to start their own businesses.

As I've said before, I find myself without a lot of role models of what my last two decades of work would look like, so I'm seeking ideas like this to at least understand, if not actually emulate. My parents, my inlaws, and most of their generation, worked at one company their whole lives until they were old enough to retire, something I can't even fathom. At least this article presents a credible alternative to consider.

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