Monday, January 28, 2008

Finding a work partner?

I learned last week that a very small marketing agency I've partnered with occasionally is folding its tents and joining up with a bigger agency. While it's great news for them, I'm a bit down about it.

When I heard, I realized that one option I had been considering for the near future was to partner up with a like-minded person or small group to work on stuff together. I've had this informal relationship with the folding agency for a few years, and we've done some great projects together. I think in the back of my mind I thought down the road I'd talk to them about moving in-house with them, which may have lessened my need to constantly source work, while still getting to work on interesting projects.

The folding agency and I shared the same work philosophy and ethical interests, so it's really disappointing to me to lose them as a partner. Their new agency is great people, but they don't use freelancers, or at least when they do, they don't pay any where near what I need to be paid.

Still, it does get me thinking about how I would find that kind of partner. The right small group situation might allow enough freedom to keep my independence feeling, while sharing resources and client development. Would it make it easier to keep from the constant fear of not having enough work to pay the mortgage if I shared the burden?


Anonymous said...

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Carla S. said...

Thanks Gord. Your blog is very funny.