Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Is Gen Y pressuring Gen X to get a move on?

I've written before about Linda Duxbury, a very smart lady at Carleton University who is an expert on workplace demographics and its affect on careers and jobs. I was re-reading her notes about the conflicts between generations today and this struck me:
...contentious situations will arise. The Boomers see the youngest generation as lazy. Generation X thinks the youngest generation are spoiled brats...Generation Y feels that no one respects or listens to them. They want an opportunity to learn and a mentor, not just a blunt, in-your-face boss who tells them what to do.

Now that I'm considering giving up the freelance life and taking a job, should I be worried about competing with Generation Yers? And if they're competing with me for jobs, do I need to change my perceptions and expectations of the workplace to be up there with them? One thing about freelancing all these years is that I haven't shared too many work situations with the younger set.

Is there a lot of resentment from Gen Y about Gen X? I know we Gen Xers resented the heck out of the baby boomers when we were in our 20s, because they had all the job and all the potential advancement, and we were under employed and lacking in opportunities. Does Gen Y want us out of the way now, or are they less bitter and actually appreciate our experience?


Anonymous said...

I am 23 years old so I guess that makes me a Gen Y. I do agree about the statement that we want a mentor and an opportunity to learn at work. I will be entering the employment field after college graduation this spring. I personally don't believe that Gen Y wants Gen X to get a move on because those the people we want to mentor us!

Carla S. said...

That's good to hear, and how great that you found my blog even though it's from an old broad! Thanks for reading.