Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Counting down to 40

Just for the record, my 40th birthday is now six days away. I'm not depressed or anxious, nor am I excited and exhuberant. I've come to realize that turning 40 isn't a day for me. Because of this whole rethink-my-life thing I'm going through, which started at least three months before my birthday and will no doubt continue long after, turning 40 is more like a whole year for me.

That said, I did just get my hair done and dyed out the grey. No reason why I should LOOK 40! ;-)


Working Girl said...

Carla, happy birthday in six days!

Forty is a milestone but a great one. During your forties you are at your smartest, strongest, and sexiest. It's a great decade. Live it up!

And thanks for stopping by my site; that was an astute comment you made.

(Am just down the road from you, in Seattle.)

dkzody said...

Ah, 40! That birthday I didn't mind. 50 was a little harder. And now I'm half way to 60. My advice to you while in your 40s? Get as smart as you can about your health and well being. Think healthy, eat healthy, stay healthy. Good for you, getting your hair colored. Don't ever look your age,or, heavens forbid, older!