Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Big Day is Here!

This is the big day. I've now officially left my 30s behind and head into the next decade. Head held high, smile on my face, I've greeted the day and it grinned back.

I've always said I didn't fear being 40, and now the real test is here. So far, so good. I woke up snuggled in my husband's arms, then my kids ran in and more hugs. They made me breakfast in bed, and when I finally came down I found a bunch of birthday wishes on my facebook page and in my email. I'd say overall it's been a good start to my 40s.

More seriously, I do not fear this decade and never did. I'm where I thought I should be at this time of my life basically. Married, own a home, two kids, decent career to date -- all on track. I'm pretty healthy (despite needing to lose some weight!), training for a triathlon, well read, traveled -- what more could I ask for?

Oh yeah, some clarity on the future of my career would be nice. Just because I've hit the big 4-0 doesn't mean my career trek changes. But for today, I put all that aside and focus on enjoying my day. Now if only I didn't have to deal with two six year olds invading my home office space this morning, but that's the down side of having a birthday during Spring Break.

And I do have a babysitter booked and a lovely dinner out to look forward to this evening. Yup, so far I'm liking 40.


Working Girl said...

A day late, but happy birthday!

The forties are a fabulous decade. Enjoy them. You'll never be as healthy, as smart, as strong, or as beautiful as you are in your forties.

Live it up!

Carla S. said...

Thanks working girl. I think someone said something similar to me when I turned 30! I just hope I hear it again at 50. ;-)

dkzody said...

Oh, I think I'm much better in my 50s, especially smarter. You've got to take your vitamins, eat well, stay active (I hate the word exercise) and have lots of friends with whom to do things. The 50s are nice because your kids are grown and on their own.

Anonymous said...

congrats!!! I did mine a month ago.

2/4/68 who do we appreciate!!!