Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Which generation are you?

Via GenerationXpert, I found this claims to figure out what generation you belong to based on a few quick answers.

I'm Gen X, baby, all the way!

Of course, the quiz seems to have been designed by baby boomers, since Gen Xers wouldn't have used questions like:

How do you feel about work and money?

* Work should be meaningful, and money should be spent on something you love.
* Work should be short, so you can get on to your true interests. Money isn't all that important.
* Work should be as fun as possible. Life is short, so enjoy your money.
* Work hard to be financially secure, and don't waste your money.

I mean, really, that one is obvious designed to flush out the Gen Yers who, in the minds of boomers, don't care about working.

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