Thursday, February 5, 2009

No job? Join the army

Via Penelope Trunk, I found a link to an article from a couple months back that says that the recession is driving up enrollment in the US military. I suppose it makes sense. When the jobs disappear in this economy, rich 20-somethings will go back to university, and poor Gen Ys will enlist. Seems like a reasonable idea, unless there were a war on. Oh wait, there is a war on. Two in the US, last I looked.

In some cases, the peace of mind that comes with good benefits and a regular paycheck is overcoming concerns about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which any new enlistee is likely to join.

Doesn't seem fair that poorer Americans are forced into this kind of choice.


Ear said...

I would join, but I'm 45. My wife refuses to get a job and I have a baby to feed. I'm unemployed and there is no work that I can get that will pay more than my unemployment. I can't join the Army, I am too old. What to do? When my unemployment runs out, I'll have nothing......I suppose I'll take one of the jobs that are under my unemployment now, if there is one then..........I suppose I'll have to don a cardboard sign, will work for food........its not funny!

Carla S. said...


Sorry to hear it's so tough for you. I hope it doesn't come to the cardboard sign. Things have to turn around soon.


Anonymous said...

well ive been looking for work for a while now, its pretty depressing, lots of rejection, qualification etc. market right now is in a slump, im 23 only other choice right now is to join the army. I live in manhattan too, alot of places here but noone is hiring, especially w/out experience. The army is basically the "best" choice people like me have, unfortunently but thats life i guess.Im not thrilled about joining the army, thought it over for the a while now. I have other options but i guess this one is the only self-sustaining option I can choose.